Skills and Drills

To participate in the Player Development Program, you need a Club Rating. If you don’t have a rating, please contact
Because of numbers, the 2.0 players are grouped with 2.5 players to form 2 groups. The 3.0 group is also divided into two groups because of the size of their group.


At 8:00am, one week before each session begins, players who qualify will be able to signup on Court Reserve. Unfortunately, we have more players than we have slots for each session. If you have participated in two sessions, please wait 48 hours before signing up for the next one, so that others have an opportunity to take part.


Please consider the following before registering:

  1.           Sign up only if you are serious about participating. Holding a spot until a day or two before the session isn’t fair to those who must go on the waitlist.
  2.           If someone cancels, the name at the top of the waitlist will be added to the session roster. An email will be sent to that participant letting them know they are now registered. 
  3.           Please delete your name from the waitlist if you find you can’t participate in the session.
  4.           Try to be at the courts 15 minutes before your session begins. 


 Skills and Drills Schedule 2024

Training Video Library (coming soon)



Linda and Tony van Son will be heading up this program. If you have any questions or concerns, please email


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