How To Warm Up

Pre-game Warmup, all Levels


  • Your body is warmed up and stretched
  • This is just to get you ready skill wise before a match
  • 2 players
  • Half the court
  • Ball

How to Drill

  • With both players at the net
    • Start with some dinking
    • 10 – 15 shots each
  • Both players back away from the net to the baseline
    • Practice ground strokes baseline to baseline
    • 10 – 15 shots each
  • One player moves up to the NVZ line
    • Keeps other player back at the baseline with deep volleys
    • The other player continues with ground strokes
    • 10 – 15 shots
  • The baseline player switches from ground strokes to lob
    • The player at the NVZ practices overhead shots
    • 5 to 10 shots
  • The baseline player moves up to NVZ line as the other player moves back to the baseline

Repeat the cycle of the ground strokes and lob / overhead shot.

(Source: Third shot sport You tube video w/ Mark Renesson)

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