Weekly Court Schedule

Starting on May 1st we will be following a weekly schedule on the 4 pickleball courts. This will allow us to run organized/unorganized events for players of all skill levels. 

Please note as the season progresses changes may be made based on our participant in programs and observations and the feedback we receive from Club Members and our Community.

Skills and Drills

All rated players of the Cochrane Pickleball Club are eligible to participate in the Skills and Drills clinics.

Clinic will start once the season opens.

To take part, you will need to sign up via Sign Up Genius when you receive an invitation. Please confirm that your rating is up to date in DUPR or Club Rating.

Tony Van Son will be heading up this program if you have any questions, please email cochranepickleballclub@gmail.com.

Definitions and Expectations of Play

  1. Court Rotation
    • Dedicated Courts – during Drop-in Play, Group Play or Rec. Play players waiting for a dedicated court must place their paddles in the ‘bin’ which is hanging on the fence. Only paddles used to play are allowed in the bin. Once a group is finished their game the next set of players waiting will take their place.
        • Players practicing must come off after 15 minutes.
    • Tennis Courts – the expectation is for these courts to be used for Group Play or Practice – any member can grab a net and set it up on the tennis court. If there are players waiting, expectations for court rotations are the same as at the dedicated courts.
      • Please coordinate the takedown and putting away of these nets.
  1. Drop-in
    • Any number of players (1 or more) can place their paddles in the bin to play if the courts are already occupied. Once a group completes their game the next four players will go on the vacated court. Some players may be expected to stay on the court if there are less than 4 players waiting to go on (i.e., if 3 players come on, 1 player from the previous group should stay on.)
    • During the week Court 1 and on weekends courts 1 and 2 are designated Drop in to allow opportunities for public players to use a court.
  2. Group Play
    • 2, 3 or 4 players may play as a group. This group must come off the court when their game is completed if there are players waiting. These players are not expected to ‘mix in’ with the next group at the conclusion of their game.
  3. Rec. Play
    • A partially organized (modified round-robin) where players of any skill level can join in and rotate on and off the courts as games are completed. (i.e., winners place paddles on one side of the bin, losing players on the other side. Each side (groups of 4) takes a turn going on a court)
  4. Round Robin Play
    • Organized play based on skill level.
      • 2.0 Mixed (men and women)
      • 2.5/3.0 Mixed 
      • 3.5 mixed, ladies or men’s
      • 4.0+ mixed, ladies or men’s
    • Any extra player(s) from a lower level or a higher level may be invited to play on a particular day if there is a shortage of players.
    • Players looking to play in a Round Robin are expected to show up 10 minutes early out of respect for captains and others in the group. It is also an expectation that players stay until the completion of the RR.
  5. Ladies and Men’s Ladder Play
    • Competitive style of match. Players play in groups of 4 or 5 in a round-robin match to 11 or 15 points. The player with the most points scored moves up the ladder. The player with the least number of points moves down the ladder.
    • Ladies seeking stronger competition may join the Men’s ladder.
    • There is no rating requirement to participate.
    • Requests to join the ladder need to be made by Sunday at 8pm.
    • Click here to download all the ladder info.
  6. Skills/Drills/Mentorship
    • Organized opportunities to become a more proficient pickleball player.
    • cochranepickleballclub@gmail.com for more info.
  7. Beginner Lessons
    • For players just learning the game, be sure to check the schedule.
  8. Beginner Play
    • For players just learning the game, drop-in or group play.
  9. Ratings

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