Weekly Court Schedule

Our season runs from May through September. We follow a weekly schedule, offering opportunities for players of all skill levels to participate.

As the season progresses changes may be made based on participation in programs and  the feedback we receive from club members.

Definitions and Expectations of Play

Court Rotation

Dedicated Courts – during Drop-in Play, Group Play or Rec. Play players waiting for a dedicated court must place their paddles in the ‘bin’ which is hanging on the fence. Only paddles used to play are allowed in the bin. Once a group is finished their game the next set of players waiting will take their place.

Players practicing must come off after 15 minutes.

Tennis Courts – The CPC has permission from the Town of Cochrane to use one of the two tennis courts; one court must be kept open for tennis players. These 2 pickleball courts are to be used for recreational play for the public.

Rec. Play

A partially organized (modified round-robin) where players of any skill level can join in and rotate on and off the courts as games are completed. (i.e., winners place paddles on one side of the bin, losing players on the other side. Each side (groups of 4) takes a turn going on a court)

Round Robin Play

Organized play based on skill level.





Within each skill level we offer men’s, women’s and mixed play.

Any extra player(s) from a lower level or a higher level may be invited to play on a particular day if there is a shortage of players.

RR players are expected to show up 10 minutes before the scheduled start time so that the captains have time to organize the sessions, ensuring that games start on time.

Mixed Ladder Play

Competitive style of match. Players play in groups of 4 or 5 in a round-robin match to 11 or 15 points. The player with the most points scored moves up the ladder. The player with the least number of points moves down the ladder.

Men and Women may sign up individually. There is no need to sign up with a partner.

Once someone has signed up to play the onus is on each player to contact a.w.vanson@gmail.com if you wish to opt out for the next week. The deadline to opt out is Sunday at noon.

There is no rating requirement to participate.

Click here to download all the ladder info.


Organized opportunities to become a more proficient pickleball player.

cochranepickleballclub@gmail.com for more info.

Beginner Lessons

The club offers an introductory lesson to players with no or limited pickleball experience. To arrange a lesson please email cochranepickleballclub@gmail.com and one of the instructors will contact you to schedule the lesson.


Players wishing to participate in 2.0 or above Round Robins must be rated. Learn more about getting rated.