Weekly Court Schedule

Starting June 17th, we will be following a weekly schedule on the pickleball courts. This will allow us to meet more players, have scheduled time for skill levels and allow us to run some more organized/unorganized events.

We would like to introduce Recreational play along with Cohort play. Please note the expectation for Rec. play is the number of players who are coming off after a game should be the same as the number going on. This is an opportunity for players to play without having to come as part of a group of four. See below for the Recreational and Cohort Play definitions below.

Click here to download the weekly schedule we wish to adopt until we begin the formal schedule on June 29th. Please note that this is just a first draft and changes may be made as we receive feedback.

Organized Activities (Round Robins and Ladders)

  1. Round Robin – a group of similarly skilled players play with and against all or most of the players in the group. Formats can also include playing with the same partner against other pairs or King’s Court. The format for each week could change if the participants of the group wish to do so. Groups will be determined by Skill Rating.
    • Participants may join Men’s, Ladies and/or Mixed at your skill-rated level.
    • Play occurs at a scheduled time once per week. There is no commitment to participate every week.  
  2. Ladder – is a list of players from higher skill levels at the top to lower skill levels as you move down. On a week-to-week basis you play with 3 or 4 other players (approx. your skill level) who are on the ladder just above or just below you. The four or five of you play each other (round robin style) one game with each. Groups of 4 play to 15 – win by 1. Groups of 5 play to 11 – win by 1. At the conclusion of the games each player’s scores are totalled (max. 45 or 44). The person with the highest score may shift up a spot or more on the ladder. The person with the least points may shift down the ladder one or more spaces. Middle scores may or may not change rank… The goal is to get to the top of the ladder!
    1. Any member may join Men’s or Ladies ladder. A skill rating is not necessary although it will be used to place participants on the ladder. Play occurs at a scheduled time once per week. There is no commitment to participate every week.
  3. Skill Development/Mentorship and Ratings – Members may sign up for opportunities to help you identify and improve your level of play. These sessions will occur dependant upon interest. Email us for a session cochranepickleballclub.ca.

Unorganized activities (Recreation and Cohort play)

  1. Rec. Play – Open to all players. 1 to 4 players can rotate on and off a court. The expectation is that the number of players coming off a court is equal to the number coming on to the court. Please note the court rotation guidelines. Rec. play is an excellent way to mix with and meet other club members.
  2. Cohort Play – This is an opportunity to play in a group of 4 or multiples of 4. Rotation onto courts will occur in groups of 4. Players are to come off the court at the end of a game if another group is waiting to come on to the court. Note court rotation guidelines below.
  3. Practice – When there are players waiting, please keep practice time to a minimum of 15 minutes. This does not mean you can practice for 15 minutes and then start your game. If you are there to play, a warmup of 4 – 5 minutes is fine, then start your game.

Court Rotation Guidelines (when people are waiting during Unorganized Activities)

  1. Players are expected to come off a dedicated court (the 4 courts that can only be used for Pickleball) at the completion of the game currently being played. 
  2. Players waiting to come on ‘place’ their paddle at a court where there are players of similar ability.
  3. Players coming off may ‘replace’ their paddle at any of the 4 courts. 
  4. If players do not wish to rotate after each game, they are welcome to take a net and play on the Tennis Courts. If the tennis courts are also busy, court rotation on those courts will be the same as on the four dedicated courts. Paddles can be ‘placed’ on the ground at a court.

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