how to apply for a rating

Cochrane pickleball club

If you need an initial Rating for Organized Play and are a member of the Cochrane Pickleball Club:

  1. Send an email request to: saying that you do not currently have a rating and would like to be assessed
  2. Please include a current “self rating”, or level which you are already playing at. Perhaps ask a friend who you consider to be at the same level, or see the Pickleball Canada Skill Level Guidelines and see where you fit.
  3. Your initial rating will be at no cost and will allow you to participate in Round Robins, Ladder Play and assist in placing you for training opportunities.
  4. This assigned rating will only be valid within the Cochrane Pickleball Club and will be honoured at Spray Lakes for their Rated Play.

If you already have a Rating either by Tournament or assigned by us, we have it on record. You may request your current Rating by sending an email to:

If you would like to be considered for a promotion to the next level

You must apply for an assessment to the next level using the criteria below, stating the reason you feel you should be promoted.

Please state any or all of these to make a case for application for promotion. Write to and request a ratings change.

Components for Consideration for Promotion to next level

  • Skill Level Assessment by COPC Rating Committee
  • Legacy USAPA Rating
  • Current UTPR Rating, both Doubles and Mixed
  • Success in Canadian and/or US Tournaments against other proven players
  • Other Club Rating(s)
  • Ladder success – playing at the top of ladder play consistently against same or better level players
  • Intangibles
    • Ability to play at next level as identified by COPC Rating Committee
    • Athleticism, speed, mobility, etc
    • Compensatory skills that allow a player to dominate at their current level

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